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   -  "Dr. Flynn is awesome!  I was very skeptical of the whole chiropractic practice, but had decided that if I was going to work on being healthier then I needed to seek professionals that treated my whole self not just treating my symptoms.  So, I found Dr. Flynn after one of my runs through verbal recommendations.  I had been having trouble with my arms going numb and tingling when I slept and the sensations woke me up at night.  The medical doctor prescribed me some sort of nerve medicine that had a ton of junk for ingredients and awful side effects.  So, not taking the medicine I decided to visit Dr. Flynn.  He explained what was happening in my situation and manipulated the appropriate nerve areas and showed me some stretches to do that would help.  That night and the following nights the tingling and pain subsided.  After the second visit tingling and pain gone!!  I highly recommend Dr. Flynn!  I will continue to seek his medical help before investing in expensive and chemical laden drugs.  Thank you Dr. Flynn for treating all of me and not just my symptoms!  I am a believer in the holistic approach to well being!"  - Jennifer

​   -   "I was diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago and have always suffered with lower back pain. I have been seen on a regular basis by several chiropractic services but never achieved the relief I desired. A few times I have even visited chiropractic services for acute pain and never obtained the relief I so greatly needed to function in my daily living. Immediately after visiting Dr. David Flynn for a severe muscle spasm in my back I received complete relief. His combination of treatment options paired with his knowledge and courteous, professional staff provided the exact outcome that I desired. This being said, I am an RN by trade and not easily impressed, but Dr. Flynn’s professionalism and assessment skills impressed me immediately. Dr. Flynn is an excellent choice for anyone who desires an alternative treatment to pain relief. Even if you have tried other options in the past or other chiropractic services, I encourage you to give Dr. Flynn and his staff a try. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed." - Cheryl

-  "I want to really thank you Dr Flynn, for ALL you have done to ease my horrible pain. Just in one week (3 treatments) it is UNBELIEVABLE how much better I feel. Truely, before I saw you, I thought "Is this what my life is going to be like? Such pain in my back, having to use a cane, ALONG with my Fibro and other medical issues?" 
My husband & I are so Blessed and prayers have been answered, for being referred by a dear, close friend, to see you." - Phyllis

​ - "My chiropractor is amazing! After putting me back together today, I got an acupuncture treatment on my foot. It's better than since last May! I just might be running again!!! Thanks David Flynn"

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